Triathlon at the Elite level for an athlete is an expensive endeavour.  Coaching, travel, Sports medicine, rehabilitation, pool rentals, bike shipping and maintenance, and the incredible amount of shoes and goggles we burn through is astounding.  I am grateful for the amazing clothing and wetsuit sponsorships I have received these past two years, but it doesn’t pay for any of the vast travel costs.  All of this is out of pocket, costing thousands of dollars each month to maintain my #3 World Ranking amongst blind triathletes almost 20 years my junior!

Without any Team USA funding this season or major financial sponsors, my race season is simply not possible.  Each international triathlon race requires me to pay for mine and my guide’s airfare and hotel and ground transit and bike shipping, averaging $4000 per race.  We have 4-6 races per season, and cannot do this without your help.  Thank you so much to so many that have already donated.

Please consider a tax deductible donation through the US Association of Blind Athletes to my ‘Athlete Development Account’.  You can help me get to that finish line this year at World Championships in Rotterdam with my guide and tandem bike.    THANK YOU!  #LoveandGratitude. – Amy

Donate Now To Make A DifferenceDonate Now To Make A Difference

A HUGE Thank You!

(in advance from Amy, Woody, and my Guide)