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Amy is an accomplished speaker for a variety of companies and non-profit organizations.  She has extensive experience doing PR and as a spokesperson on live television, radio and writing blogs for the companies she works with in medical technology, pharmaceuticals and as a motivational speaker.

Patient Advocate

Amy is the Vice President of Glaucoma Eyes International Organization.  She serves as a coach and mentor to many visually impaired athletes, eye disease and autoimmune disease patients, helping them live lives beyond their disability and disease through her vast resources and expertise.


Amy is the current ITU Aquathlon World Champion and ranked 5th in the world for Visually impaired female triathletes.  She was a 2016 USA National Team Member and a is a current 2020 Paralympic Hopeful. Amy is also founder of Camp No Sight No Limits, the first ever camp for blind triathletes in the USA.

Welcome to My Journey!

Find out the latest news on my adventures with my guide dog, Woodstock, as we travel the world competing in triathlons and spreading awareness about Uveitis, Glaucoma, and disease prevention and treatment. Find out more information about my amazing sponsors, and the inspiring people I train and race with, as I work my way towards the Paralympics.  Also find out how you can book me and my wonderful guide dog at your next event to inspire you to live a fuller life.  Learn how we as humans can adapt to meet any challenges we face, physically, professionally and personally.

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You don’t need to have sight to have vision.

Amy Dixon

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March 30, 2018

Adversity is my Super Power

  Our Bronze Medal I’m sure I’ve never been more nervous or felt more pressure going into a race.  2017 was a challenging year of disappointing race results and no Team USA funding to race in the US or internationally.  I managed to have a great spokesperson agreement that paid for most of mine and my guides’ training and travel, but that would run out in September, and I was on my own to put up the results needed to qualify to receive any team financial assistance and to qualify for World Championships in Rotterdam. Last year I needed to…
July 9, 2017

Celebrating the “Can”

I had a one woman epic pity party this week.  I didn’t send out any invites, didn’t make any food, and my poor guide dog laid there in concerned silence, probably wondering to himself, “when do we get to go to the park and throw the ball like we do every day after she trains?  And BOY, I guess she really must like that couch a lot.” For all of the wonderful things I’ve proved to myself, my family, friends, and the world that I CAN do as a blind woman, I still can’t help but occasionally get frustrated with…
In The Press
June 15, 2017

Breaking Barriers: Amy becomes the first Female Blind Athlete to compete in XTERRA

Read About Amy's attempt at the upcoming Xterra off road triathlon in Lake Tahoe June 24 http://www.xterraplanet.com/2017/06/xterras-first-blind-athlete-amy-dixon/